Age 27 - loss of appetite for 2 weeks, belching, bloating, early satiety, loose stool - probability of stomach cancer? No pain or vomiting.

GI illness. Stomach cancer would be at the bottom of the list of possibilities for a 27 year old. You need to be seen by a GI doctor who may want to perform esophagogastroscopy (EGD). Or you might want to start out with your family doctor and go from there. Hope this helps.

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44 yo F, 5 wks with loss of/light appetite, early satiety, bloating, belching, intermit upper L pain, maternal aunt died of stomach cancer in her 40s?

Did u tell doc?? The definitive test is a gastroscopy and a stomach biopsy of suspicious lesion. Is your doc aware of your family history and of your concerns? If not, make him so and discuss what to do. Best wishes! Read more...