Dear sir I smoke cigarrete from 9 years now adays I feel stomach. Abdominal pains. Blood and sperm in pee what this problem please answer me?

Hematuria. Blood in the urine is termed "hematuria" in such a young person needs further investigation. Cigarette smoking does predispose patients to bladder cancer which can present as blood in the urine but this is highly unlikely in such a young gentleman.
First Stop Smoking! Smoking is not good for your health, but it probably has nothing to do with Ur urine problems & stomach pain. U might have a UTI or prostate infection if U have blood in urine. Stomach pains can be an infection, or an irritated stomach from some food or maybe excess stomach acid. Blood in Urine is never normal & in male deserves to be checked well. My advice, see a Dr. Also... Stop Smoking NOW.