Have sarcoidosis & restrictive cardiomyopathy found biopsy of heart recently developed arrhythmias, does this mean I may need implantable defibrillator? (Also recent dx bronchitis sinus infection too on antibiotics cough med.

Defibrillator. Indications for Defibrillator include: Cardiac arrest for V-tach or V-fib, Documented episodes of sustained V-tach or V-fib with hemodynamic instability, Ventricular arrythmias not responding to medications, Recurrent passing out do to arrythmias.
Here are some ... For all described concerns, it's most logical to bring them to your treating doctors so you may have specific answers for individual need. Sporadic opinions online for your specific need may be hard to find and time-consuming. So, gather all your questions to the treating doctor for better continuation of care. Best wish...
Depends on arrhythmi. I m sorry to hear abt ur condition... these r devastating diagnoses, 4 sure, & complicated to say the least. I hope u have a good cardiologist, electrophysiologist (EP), & general doctor to help coordinate. Depending on the type of arrhythmia, u may benefit from a defibrillator / pacemaker, but not all arrhythmias r so treated (often meds r used). Ur EP doc shd b able to guide u better. Good Luck!

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Can chronic nausea come from my restrictive cardiomyopathy (heart biopsy found this I have sarcoidosis)?

Yes. In fact, an long-term upset stomach is often one of the early and more troubling problems when the heart muscle is failing. I hope you are able to find effective treatment for this often very difficult illness. Read more...