Have the mirena, (levonorgestrel) rarely get periods. For a week I've had bleeding, it's seems to stop but then occurs after exercise & bowel movements. Is it normal?

Mirena (levonorgestrel) This type of IUD has progesterone in it. Most women do not have periods or get irregular bleeding. What you are describing is a normal effect. If this continues or becomes too bothersome see the doctor who places your Mirena (levonorgestrel).

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One month since mirena (levonorgestrel) insertion and the only time I have vaginal bleeding is after a bowel movement. I also have bloody mucous. Any thoughts?

Unsure. Where is the blood coming from? You should not be having blood coming from the rectum. Bloody mucous from the vagina is not that unusual after a mirena (levonorgestrel). See your provider and get this checked out! Read more...