I have a mild gluten intolerance. What can I do to help my body cope with gluten? Is this situation reversible?

Probably not. You have to ask your doctor for a more specific explanation for your gluten intolerance -- a. Is it a celiac sprue -- than it's life long b. Is it wheat ige allergy -- may resolve (depending on your age a few other factors). Oral immunotherapy could be used in the future to help expedite the resolution. C. Wheat indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome -- may resolve on its own.
Hard to say. Intolerance is a vague label that doesn't lead to specific recommendations. If your testing reveals positive transglutaminase IgA & gliadin-transglutaminase complex IgA you are likely developing new antibodies every time you ingest gluten. These antibodies can injure your gut tissue. Injury is often progressive & treatment is lifetime exclusion. You need to get clarification from your doc.
Go gluten-free. If your blood work / other findings have resulted in a reliable diagnosis of celiac sprue, the diagnosis of "mild glucose intolerance" is like being "a little bit pregnant." the book "how doctors think" was inspired by the ease in which common gluten intolerance is overlooked / undertreated. You'll get sicker and sicker (& maybe give yourself cancer) until you go gluten-free.