What causes severe bone loss in young adults? Was diagnosed with osteoporosis after several compression fractures

Many things. Hi. There are many things (and I mean MANY), genetic and acquired, that can cause osteoporosis and fracture in young people. You need a good endocrinologist. I know Lynn Kohlmeier, an endo in Spokane who's very good with metabolic bone disease. I suggest you see her, and bring all labs and data you have on your case. If a diagnosis is established, there may be things that can help bone health.

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All blood work looks good but have a T-score of -6 and 5 spinal compression fractures! What else can we look for to figure out why bone loss?

Compression fracture. Do you have irritable bowel ,Crohns ,celiac, autoimmune ,thyroid disease,amenorrhea,irregular periods, low estrogen, chronic steroids( even consider inhaled),smoking? Intestinal diseases can lead to osteoporosis because of malabsorption. Would check ESR,CRP, thyroid, B12, Vit D levels, celiac panel, ANA.Also see a nutritionist and review your diet and exercise program as both affect osteoprosis. Read more...