After l/4, l/5 laminectomy foot pain 1year later, foot doc say normal, neurologists say s/1 causing, ortho surgeon say MRI good, neurosurgeon say what?

Nerve pain. Foot pain post L4/L5 laminectomy can occur if there is an additional impingement from S1 nerve root. Have your neurologist do a NCV test to identify if S1 is the cause. Neuropathic pain can come from these nerve roots and it is best to narrow its location. What part of the foot hurts? Is it located on the side of the foot? It can be a peroneal nerve problem too.

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L/4, l/5 laminect foot pain 1year later, foot doc say normal, neurologist say s/1 caus, ortho surgeon say MRI good, neurosur say nerv itself Whoright?

Very hard choice 2-- -make. Not often so many Md's with conflicting Dx. If your surgeon was a fellow ship trained spine surgeon, i would feel he/her Dx was correct. If not fellowship trained, I would recommend seeing such for a 2nd opinion. Both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons can B fellowship trained. It means they took an extra year as a fellow at a spine program. Good luck! . Read more...