3yr old has congestion/runny nose, fatigue no fever yet could it be flu?

See Your Doctor Now. The symptoms described suggest your child has a respiratory infection. Numerous viruses as well as bacteria can be the cause. Arriving at diagnosis in a young child is challenging; requires a detailed history and exam. Also important to be aware that children this age may provide few clues to severity or worsening of condition. See your doctor now for proper diagnosis and prompt treatment.

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I have runny nose, constant sneezing, congestion, loss of voice, fatigue, coughing 50/50 wet dry cough, with no fever. Whats wrong with me?

Probably allergies. Above symptoms mostly seen as a result of allergies , tobacco might be adding factor , dangerous. Go see an allergist, til then take delsym, (dextromethorphan) quit smoking, steam inhalationwith ponaris oil, , oil OB oregano 2caps, twice a day, diffuse, tee tree oil for 2 hrs a day. Read more...

I feel warm but have body temp of 96.2, haven't slept much due to congestion/runny nose and severe headache. Is this the flu or cold?

Does not. sound like influenza, without high fevers or GI symptoms. Most likely a viral illness. If it persists for more than a week or so, see a doctor for proper treatment. Read more...