Hi can anabolic steroids and humira (adalimumab) be taken together.?

See details. You have asked this question before. I avoid you to avoid anabolic steroids because of the high likelihood of side effects including impotency, testicular atrophy, fits of rage and heart attacks. The use of this substance is the reason why so many professional wrestlers die so young.

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Hi could you tell me the would be any risks in taking humira (adalimumab) for my ankylosing spondylitis/crohn's and anabolic steroids. Thanks?

EVERYTHING has risks. You can easily google HUMIRA (adalimumab) go to the official website of the company & read the PLETHORA of side effects, contraindications, reactions with other medications, & warnings to its use. What I've written applies to each & every prescription medication approved by the FDA & even OTC's. Everything has risks- even vitamins! BUT THEY HAVE BENEFITS TOO. You should weigh RISKS against BENEFITS. Read more...