Would a CT with contrast diagnose a gallbladder or pancrease (pancrelipase) issue? Or are ultrasounds possibly an endoscopy better at finding problems?

US for GB, CT panc. CT is much better for pancreas evaluation because overlying bowel gas limits US visualization in most patients. Because 90% of gallstones are made of cholesterol, they don't show up on CT. Ultrasound is moderately better at detecting acute cholecystitis. CT is much better for pancreatitis or pancreatis. Routine fiber optic endoscopy has no role. Endoscopic US is not a screening exam.

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Understand the opinion of ultrasound of a 67 years old male :theere is no hepato and mild spleno megaly. Gallbladder, pancrease (pancrelipase) and kidneys are normal.

Mostly normal. The "mild splenomegaly" means a mildly enlarged spleen, which could just be normal for you. There are a huge number of reasons the spleen can be mildly enlarged and without other symptoms I wouldn't worry about it. The rest of the US sounds normal based on what you have typed. Read more...