If you start taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism, does your hair fall out or thin?

Yes. It is an observation in clinical practice. It is possible that women expect better hair after starting on the medication or they actuallt experience more hair loss. It is not a typical finding written on the textbook but i hear a lot of women complain about it after T4 is started. .

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If a hypothyroid woman is on birth control pills alone (no levothyroxine), would it improve some of her symptoms like acne or hair loss?

Odd question. If she has low thyroid she will clearly benefit from thyroid therapy. Why not??? The specific type of birth control is significant. Some hormones reduce acne and improve hair problems. Some hormones (androgenic progesterones) aggravate acne and cause loss of scalp hair. All 3 of your meds reduce acne and reduce loss of scalp hair. For polycystic ovary, weight loss and perhaps metformin are useful. Read more...