If I developed testicular cancer in one of my testies what are the chances of developing another in the left one.

Increased. Though not by much. You'll bank your semen if you need to have both operated, and your hormones can be replaced to keep you happy and virile. At age 28, you should be enjoying your youth rather than fretting about uncommon health problems. Thankfully, the vast majority of testicular cancers are curable nowadays.

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Does having one testicle or one "good" testicle increase the chances of testicular cancer?

Depends. IF is due to undescended testicle incidence will be slightly higher on the involved side the reason for its removal if it is not fixed in childhood , on normal side incidence will be same as general population. Read more...

Left testicle was undescended and now got fixed what are the chances of getting testicular cancer on it now? And is my ryt tescticle is free from TC?

Here are some... It is true undescended testis has a higher odd to develop testicular cancer but still not common. At this time, all what you have to do is practicing testicular self-examination diligently; there is no practical need to overly worry. If having any further doubt, seek evaluation / counseling. Besides, looking into How to Handle Sickness in http://www.formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html would help. Read more...