If I got my tongue pierced a week ago, can I drink alcohol?

Yes, you can. in moderation. However, for your information tongue studs can damage your teeth, induce infection and may be swallowed .

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Can you drink alcohol when you barely got your tongue pierced?

OUCH!!! Piercing is a wound on skin and muscle. Alcohol will hurt (irritated) and be painful be concerned instead for possible infection .. Read more...

Took a single four tablet dose of tinidazole yesterday morning. Still taste metallic in mouth. How long till taste goes away? When can I drink alcohol

Don't understand ? What does a metallic taste in your mouth have to do with drinking alcohol? Dysgeusia, the official name for a funny taste in the mouth, can persist for several days, and sometimes weeks. You are being treated for a fungal infection, and the more important issue is drinking while trying to combat an infection, and why when you can drink is so important to you? Might you have a problem? Read more...