My period doesnt come on for another week and for the past few days I've been having vaginal bleeding. But can only be seen when I urinate or during sex. This morning I've passed a large blood clot. And lately I've noticed a few clots when I urinate. Wha

Urethral laceration? What you are describing suggests bleeding in the urethra (the tube that carries your urine and located just above your vagina). The urethra may get traumatised during rough sex which may result in bleeding that will be noticed after sexual intercourse or during urination. Get a GYN or urologic checkup .
Here are some ... To clear uncertainty of where the blood comes from, bring the detailed info on the onset, degree, duration, evolution, progress, & resolution of all symptoms & observable signs and their potentially related discomforts or events over time to gyn-doc for analysis + physical exams + tests as needed so to deduce possible Dx for reasonable Rx/ care/ counseling for now and future. No more online guess!

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I am experiencing vaginal bleeding (quality: contains blood clots) I am 58, I have adynymosis. My periods stopped for six months and are back.?

See your Ob/Gyn. Heavy bleeding with clots at age 58 should be evaluated ASAP to make sure there isn't a serious cause (such as cancer). Its almost always something else but when the big "C" is on the list of possible causes it needs to be taken seriously. Best wishes! Read more...