I have been cramping up in many areas of my body. Hands, fingers, legs, toes even after drinking plenty of water.

Cramps. Some causes of these symptoms include defiecencies of magnesium,calcium and potassium. Discuss this with your physician who will order the appropriate tests. Make sure that you are not drinking too much water which can deplete sodium levels which also can cause muscle cramps.
Try. If you are not diabetic try gatorade. You may have electrolyte insufficiency/imbalance. Water does not replace electrolytes. Also if it continues to get worse, consult your doctor or see a vascular doctor. You may have vascular issues.
Hypokalemia. If u drink too much alcohol stop. If u go to gym skip it for few days. If you run or jog daily-skip for few days. Avoid all sugary products-processed and canned foods including soda. Avoid all fast food for a few days. Try drinking coconut water and take oral magnesium tablets 400 mg daily. If still not better in 3-5 days,see a doc. It could even be a low grade viral infection as well.