When I exercise in my house my throat, nose, eyes and sides of head get in pain/tenderness. Feel very drowsy. Have bad dust allergies. Allergy/asthma?

Allergies. It's possible this is related to the dust allergies. You should try to exercise somewhere else (another area of house, gym, etc) to see if this still happens. If so, there is your answer. You can also do a trial of an antihistamine like claritin (loratadine) to see if it helps.

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Wake up with stuffed nose, mucus in the back of my throat, bloodshot eyes. I bought an air purifier which isn't helping. Is this a dust mite allergy?

See the allergist. Your symptoms are suggestive of an allergy, and this time of the year, dust mites rule as the #1 allergen causing trouble indoors with pet allergies. See an allergist and get tested and find your answers and treatment. Read more...