Can small ovarian cyst rupture?

Yes. This happens during every cycle during ovulation. Follicular cysts rupture and most often cause little it if any pain. Any severe pain should be evaluated.

Related Questions

Can a small dermoid ovarian cyst leak (rather than completely rupture), or unlikely?

That could happen. Rarely would a dermoid cyst completely rupture and "be gone" as most of them have some solid or semi-solid components to them as opposed to follicular cysts. Read more...

I have a small ovarian cyst that hasnt ruptured. Pelvic, lower back, upper back discomfort, nausea and frequent urination. When do they form?

Always. Formation of cysts is what ovaries do "for a living". The cysts that persist and cause symptoms are the ones that may need to be investigated. However, formation of cysts on the ovaries is normal. Read more...