Have had a sore throat for 4 days and a chest cough the last 3days! I hav drunk heaps of iced water as it sort of soothes the throat! What should I do?

Virus? You may need a prescription for antibiotics, especially if you have nasal drainage or are coughing up phlegm which is yellow or green in color. White or clear is generally okay, yellow or green is not.
Seek treatment. You may have a severe infection such as strep throat or pnemonia. You should seek help from you primary care physician.

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Am 4wks preg. Hav very bad deep cough and sore throat, earache. Only taking hot water and halls tablets to ease. Can deep coughing cause miscarriage?

Not at all! No worries, it is important to stay hydrated and take your folic acid. Your pregnancy is protected in your uterus with a plug in the cervix. Avoid alcohol. You can use some plain robatussin for cough. Consider humidifier and hot showers. Call your doc for an inhaler if a hx of asthma. If you have green or brown sputum you may have bronchitis and need an antibiotic! Read more...