Can I take theraflu while breastfeeding?

Speak with your doc. If you have the flu you are contagious and infected. Breastfeeding when ill is difficult and should be discussed with your doctor. It is dangerous to expose an infant to the flu and you should speak with your doctor about appropriate prescription medication and using formula to protect your baby. Feel well soon and I hope your baby stays well.
Yes you can. Multi System Theraflu contains Acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, and phenylephrine. In regards to just breastfeeding these drugs are fine. But I would like to add that Phenylephrine can possibly decrease your production of milk. So nursing might be a little more difficult while on Theraflu.
Caution advised. There is inadequate information in the literature to assess risk. Safety unknown. Caution advised. Suggest not breastfeeding while on Tamiflu (oseltamivir).

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My throat has been hurting for a day now, was wanting to know if I can take theraflu while breastfeeding? Also is it safe for the baby to breastfeed w

Ok but short course. Assuming the medication is Theraflu flu & sore throat. It contains 3 ingredients- acetaminophen, phenylephrine and pheniramine. Acetaminophen is safe. small amounts of pheniramine can pass to breast milk and baby may be restless or sleepy Phenylephrine could decrease lactation However recent studies seem to ok Make you don't have strep throat. Read more...