I have bumps around my vagina when I squeeze them they remove blood and puss and I don't know why it's happening please help me?

Need eval. You need to be seen and evaluated. Many things are on the list here of possible causes. But, with any skin issue we doctors must see them, feel them and sometimes sample them,culture them to make a diagnosis and treat it properly. Sorry but cannot help you online with this. you need to be seen by your doctor. Sorry. Best of luck with this. Dr R.
Skin abcess. This is an increasingly common problem I see in my office and often is a consequence of pubic shaving. It depends on where the bumps are but they are usually caused when a bacteria called Staph enters cracks in the skin and digs in. 1. stop shaving (if you do) for now 2. do not squeeze! this can spread bacteria to other areas 3. see your doctor who can treat by draining or with appropriate meds.