I also have elevated WBC and liver enzymes with blood in my stools and extreme diarrhea.

That's serious. Please forgive my frankness. You know that we can't do a workup here or even advise you about a huge range of diagnostic possibilities. You are a good person to take charge of your health like this, and you need to bring this persistence to bear on your personal physician. Ask for a full explanation of the ongoing workup, which should be complete in a few weeks at most. Wishing you the best.
You need to be seen. It's time for you to have an exam to determine if you have an infectious diarrhea, diverticulitis, colitis, or another inflammatory condition. You need to give your doc a travel history and food water history. The ? Is do you need hospitalization and IV antibiotics. Stool culture is step one, rehydration and imaging. This is a legitimate reason for an ER visit, especially if you aren't urinating.

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