Why is my diabetes so out of control even if im taking my medicine?

Adjustments needed. If it is usually well controlled but now suddenly out of control- often it is due to an infection (ex. A wound/sore, bladder infection, pneumonia) or steroid us (knee injection, inhaled steroids, Prednisone pills) or new snack (ex. Started baking a lot lately, or love a new juice?). If it has never been well-controlled, then your regimen (pill and diet) needs adjustments.
Not sure. You probably need additional medicine or a higher dose. You could have an infection. Are you following your diet? Those are the ususual reasons for poor control.
Low carbohydrate. The best and the easiest way to improve diabetes is by completely stopping high carb foods (grains, lentils, potatoes based items). Also avoid milk protein since it causes insulin resistance. Low carb food items such as eggs, fish meats, non starchy vegetables, avocados, saturated fat (butter, ghee, coconut oil), olive oil are very effective in normalizing blood sugars and may reduce need for med.