I tested positive for d dimer blood test but my tc showed nothing so I got sent home from ER now I'm running a high fever with intense back pain?

D-dimer. Is a rather nonspecific test and it helps mostly when is negative ruling out acute thromboembolism. In your case the test failed to rule it out and that's why you underwent CT angio. With your symptoms, you should still seek medical attention trying to find out a source that at this time and with limited information seems to be likely infectious, among others. Hope it helps.

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Tested positive for d dimer blood test CT with contrast didn't show anything so they sent me home my back is killing me hurts when I take deep breath and I have a high fever and legs hurt what could be wrong?

PE. A D-Dimer is a non-specific test that is sometimes used as an indicator for something more serious when coupled with pulmonary symptoms...a pulmonary embolus (clot in the vessels of the lung). CT ruled that out. You could have influenza. You should follow up with your PCP as soon as possible. They should have run influenza A/B blood work. Read more...

102 fever back pain gets worse when take deep breath head hurts tested positive on d dimer blood test nothing showed on CT with contrast what's wrong?

See a doctor. The d dimer increases in pulmonary embolism. But it also increases for many other conditions. The CT should have seen anything else going on . Perhaps not pleurisy . The fever is of concern . Best see your doctor for a complete check up to determine the cause of your symptoms . Read more...