Treatment for meniscocapsular separation injury of posterior horn of the medial meniscus also displaced lateral meniscal tear thats folded behind horn?

Surgery. Surgical repair is usually indicated for those injuries. Thankfully, they can usually be done arthroscopically with an overall excellent out ome in most cases. Thank you for the question.

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No medial/lateral meniscal tear, no discoid meniscus. There is small focus of type I intrameniscal signal within the posterior horn of medial meniscus?

Grade 1 meniscal. signal USUALLY means that there is no meniscal tear. However, it's not 100% accurate. Grade 1 and 2 intrameniscal signal are tricky and have sometimes been associated with actual tears at arthroscopy. Or, your meniscus may be normal and your knee pain may be caused by something else. If your knee continues to hurt a lot, seek ortho advice. You might require arthroscopy to be certain. Read more...