I saw my periods the 20 Nov 2014, 19 Dec 2014 and now the 11 Jan 2015. On wat date shud I ovulate and see my menstural cycle?

Ovulation. From the three start dates given, one cycle was 29 days and one was 23 days. If you assume that these are the longest and shortest cycles then you ovulate between cycle days 9 and 15. The time to conceive is cycle days 9-15, which would be between Jan 20 and 26. Good luck!
~Jan 24 or 25. Hello Sean The data you provided only gives me two intervals Nov-Dec about 29 days and Dec-Jan about 23 days. So you average periods length is around 26 days. Ovulation is usually midway during you menstrual cycle. So a very rough estimate is around 13 days and that would place it around Jan 24 or 25 from Jan 11th. But using dates is very a rough way of determining when you would ovulate.