Cough in the morning bringing up a lot of mucus for 2 months. No pain. No flu like symptoms. I need to appease my mum to stop pestering me about it! ?

Many possibly causes. Hello There could be multiple causes for your chronic cough. Such as asthma, acid reflux, post nasal drip, or smoking. If you smoke you need to stop. Acid reflux is usually accompanied by a burning throat as well as coughing. Asthma is denoted by difficulty in breathing and coughing. Post nasal drip feels like there is fluid running down the back of your throat with coughing. Pls see your doc.
See doctor. What you need is not to appease your mom, but to find out what's going on. Do you smoke? Do you have cystic fibrosis (you'd probably know that)? Do you have sinus issues? Go see a doctor. You're an adult and need to be proactive about your health.
Possibly acid reflux. given the timing. Try a stomach acid pill daily and don't eat anything two hours before you go to bed.

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I've had flu like symptoms for four weeks, and now I have developed a cough that hurts chest, has mucus and feels very dry in the throat. What is it?

Influenza vs URI vs. If you've had flu symptoms, you might have influenza. But you might also just have a common cold or upper respiratory illness. Pneumonia comes to mind if you also report fevers, sweats, chills etc along w/worsening symptoms. Amount & color of phlegm doesn't tell us anything about cause of cough nor requirement for antibiotics. Best to go see your family doc. Read more...