When should I wean my baby off of the pacifier?

3 years. The intensity of reliance on a pacifier should be considered before weaning. Some don't care & a simple gone-gone at a year is fine. If it becomes their best friend, you should gradually decrease insertion time. A clip+ribbon allows baby to have it without using the mouth as a pocket, later use of a zip loc bag allows limited access. Take it away without babe understanding & you lose babys' trust.
1 years. There is a lot of controversy as to when to wean a baby off the pacifier. One reasonable solution is to wean the baby off at the same time the bottle should be weaned off: after their first birthday. Weaning him or her off at that time will be much easier than waiting until the toddler is older and can help maintain good dental health and allow for good articulation and speech development.

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