How can enhance testosterone levels?

Wrong question. Rather than asking how to enhance testosterone levels, ask how to improve your health. Testosterone levels are only one facet of your health, and not necessarily indicative of good or bad, so ignore the hype & commercials. Focus on healthy nutrition & regular exercise. Shedding belly fat will reduce conversion of T into estrogen (female hormone). If all else fails, ask family doc to check level.

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How can you best enhance your testosterone levels?

Overall health. 8 hours of sleep on a regular schedule (also helps with growth hormone release), weight training with large body movement (squats, pull-ups), healthy fat including a well-prepared omega 3 supplement (low fat diet overall for heart and artery health), moderate quantities of plant protein (and small amounts of meat/animal protein, eg 1-2 0z per d) along with plenty of vegetable and fruits. Read more...

What is the most effective way to enhance your testosterone levels?

With your docs help. Assuming you are having some testosterone symptoms, first have it measured. If it is too low, then your doctor will look for the cause and start to fix it. This is not something that is easy for you to do on your own. Have a doc help you. Get it right the first time, the results are worth it! Read more...