My bones crack all the time?

Benign. Cracking is usually collapsing vacuum caused when joints are mechanically distended. It does not cause any problems.
Different Reason. Cracking can occur for different reasons. Bones can rub against each other, common with the kneecap rubbing the knee. Cracking knuckles are different. These occur because with the attempt to crack the knuckles, one pulls the fluid in the joint (almost all joints have fluid - usually a small amount) and the fluid is pressurized to a liquid gas which make the cracking noise. Tendon can rub.
Ok. There are several potential causes for that complaint including crepitance from osteoarthritis, ligamentous instability, among other conditions. Don't hesitate to be seen for a specific diagnosis.

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My bones crack literally all the time! Should I be concerned?

Cracking bones. The most important thing i tell my patients when they ask about cracking or popping joints is "does it hurt when they crack or pop?" if the answer is yes, than they should definitely be examined asap, if not then you should go have it looked at immediately when it is does begin hurting or if there is a noticeable change like swelling. Read more...