My 16 year old is having liquid bile like diarrea, stomach discomfort, belching over and over, passing gas, and acid reflux? Gall bladder

Nope. The hallmark of gb disease is severe attacks of upper-middle or upper-right abdominal pain. Your son should be seen by his pediatrician to work-up possible causes of his diarrhea. This can include dietary issues, infections, irritable bowel, or even inflammatory bowel disease (rarely). If they can't get to the bottom of it, they will likely refer him to a GI specialist. Good luck.
Possible. Gb more likely middle age females. 16yo could be bacterial infection, viral infection, parasite like giardia. Too many possibilities and needs to be seen and some tests done to better determine true etiology.

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I have stomach pain and always have gas everyday when I awake or asleep. Does this have to do with having Gerd or acid reflux?

I don't think so. It sounds like you're having intestinal pain as opposed to upper abdominal pain where reflux symptoms exist. Acid reflux generally is not the main source of gas or flatus. This sounds more suspicious for a lower intestinal problems such as constipation or irritable bowel. Read more...

Does GERD cause gas/stomach pain? I have terrible acid reflux but That's only half the pain. Constantly have gas, and stomachs, Normal BM too. Ibs?

Gerd. GERD is mostly about heartburn and sour eructations; gas and abdominal pain are not classic symptoms. I would wonder if your symptoms are more due to lactose or gluten intolerance. People who belch alot often swallow air especially when they make themselves belch. It's better to take mylanta after meals to prevent gas build-up. When bloated, drinking hot water helps break down the gas better. Read more...

Stomach pain feels like gas, but hurts if I move a certain way to. I also have acid reflux as well, been feeling this on and off for a day. Normal bowels?

Gerd/abdominal pain. The bloating that you feel is worsening the acid reflux. I would eat very light for the next 24hrs, no dairy, no gassy foods or heavy foods. Make sure you have fully evacuated your bowels if possible and rest the bowels. If it continues to get worse, seek help from a doctor. Read more...