When does a doctor prescribe phentermine?

Phentermine. Why do you need this? There are better ways for weight control. Look on line at the many articles about good, not so good, and bad eating habits. Also don't forget to exercise.

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Is it safe to order phentermine diet polls online? I would like to start taking them again but at times it's hard to get doctors to prescribe them.

Not safe. Phentermine is a serious pharmacologic agent that has many effects and may or may not be safe for you to use. There may be a particular reason why doctors have felt that Phentermine is not safe or appropriate for you to be using. Of course, if you disagree, it is always appropriate to see another doctor for a second opinion. Read more...

How can I find a doctor that will prescribe me diet pills that aren't phentermine?

Not good medicine. It is not good medicine to just prescribe whatever you want. A doctor will generally get a physical exam and history and find out what is going on and prescribe you a medication that is deemed appropriate for you based on the findings. Read more...