I have been taking medicine for pcod in homeopathy since 2 years, can u suggest me few tips for better cure?

Lifestyle. Don't spend too much money on homeopathy. Metformin has been standard for pcos for over a decade, but the most effective remedies (from my reading and conversations with peers and patients) are aerobic exercise and weight reduction. If you're involved with homeopathy, you are probably already a believer in natural good-living and fitness. Good luck & thanks for writing.
Treatment. There really is no cure. A healthy lifestyle to increase fitness and maintain a healthy weight is key to controlling pcos. I'm unfamiliar with homeopathic medication for pcos, but the gold standard medication is to use metformin. Sometimes oral contraceptive agents and other medications might also be used to control some of the symptoms.
PCOS. Sometimes pcos cannot be cure. What is really important is to have a normal bmi, be active, have adequate diet. When you want to have babies, there is treatment, if no babies of conceirn ocp usually help you have regular periods and give ovaries a rest.