How do you treat a parastomal hernia?

Mesh. The hernia is repair with mesh with the stoma staying in place. The stoma sometimes has to be moved but this is not the optimal treatment.
Surgery. The only treatment for a parastomal hernia is a surgical procedure. There are many techniques, and these tend to be difficult to repair. Probably the "best" method is called the Sugarbaker technique. The stoma is commonly moved to another site, but this usually causes a new hernia, and a hernia at the old site. Make sure the surgeon has ample experience with these hernias before proceeding.

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After removal of bladder and prostate because of bladder cancer, I have developed a parastomal hernia. Is this repairable.

It is repairable. This is not an uncommon event the urologist that did your surgery is best fitted to do the repair. Read more...
Yes. A parastomal hernia is a type of incisional hernia that occurs adjacent to the stoma and is not an uncommon complication after any type of ostomy surgery. Most patients are asymptomatic. Surgical repair is avoided in most patients with no or mild symptoms because of the high recurrence rates and pts. Are educated about the signs and symptoms of strangulation which require immediate attention. Read more...