What causes my vagina to smell?

Infection. Sometimes, this may be normal (e.g. residual menstrual flow, moisture retention issues, etc...). However, if the symptom is persistent and associated with itching, soreness, redness and yellowish/greenish discharge; infection should be ruled out.
Vaginal odor. Especially with good vaginal hygiene is usually due infection particularly Bacterial vaginitis which presents fishy smell. Other infections due present with different odors .

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What is causing my vagina to smell like strong amonia?

Depends. Discharge in a woman can be abnormal, normal, or transitional. It all depends on your history. It may be important for you to see a provider to be sure. They may be able to run tests on the discharge and obtain a complete history. Some common causes of discharge with odor can be yeast, bacterial vaginosis or std's. Take good care! Read more...