I had gastric bypass surgery ten yrs ago now have loose skin and hanging fat no one will help me get rid of it because of no insurance no help im mess?

Save. Even with insurance there is no guarantee of coverage. Often what the patient feels is medically necessary and what insurance companies feel differ and the physician is caught in the middle. If it is a priority then you could save money slowly and if you have hanging fat perhaps a little more weight loss would be in order.
Try form fitting. There are several companies that make form fitting underclothes that tighten things up nicely. Try slimpressions. Our patients really like them!
Find insurance? Not a med answer, but is there a way you can get insurance? Is there a medicaid program? Does your county offer health assistance, or your hospital have a free clinic (many do). Your best bet for insurance is a large employer; starbucks offers insurance for part time workers. If it is true that no insurance means no help, then you need to find a way to get insurance.
May be covered. If you are having medical problems because of the loose skin you may be eligible for medicaid/medicare. Many people will have skin breakdown and irritation underneath the folds and if this is this case it becomes a medical not cosmetic procedure to have it removed.