How accurate are water test resuls for detecting yeast or candida infections?

Total scam. I'm assuming you're referring to the "test" where you spit in the glass first thing in the morning and judge by the stuff that ends up floating in the water whether your "systemic candida" is under control. This is total baloney, as I suspect you realize. Get with an evidence-based holistic physician in your community -- it's a fascinating area and you deserve accurate information.

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People say is not good to douch even less after a yeast infection but can I douch just with plain water after using 1 day Monistat and when can I sex?

Don't douche. . People say it's not good to douche for a reason. When you flush the vaginal vault with water, commercial products etc, you upset the normal balance of bacteria. This can set you up for a yeast infection or bacterial overgrowth like BV (bacterial vaginosis). If you're confident you have a yeast infection (vaginal itching, white discharge, no fever etc) treat the yeast, but skip the douche . Read more...