What disease is caused by a lack of blood cells to carry oxygen?

Anemia. Low blood hemoglobin is called anemia. You may consult this site for info: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/anemia/home/ovc-20183131.

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Hi, what causes the red blood cells to be tinny and not able to carry the oxygen adicuately? James

It is not becaue. Are tiny( microcytic ) that they do not carry oxygen . It is because they do not have adequate /the right amount of iron or globulin that make up hemoglobin in them . The reason why they become small is due to the deficiency of either the heme component or globulin component of the hemoglobin which is responsible for carrying oxygen . Read more...

Nails are turning blue which I hear is due to low oxygen in blood cells. Can lack of physical activity & outside air cause this?

Probably not. Blue nails can be from poor perfusion due to vascular disease, low oxygen (hypoxia), or from toxins such as methemoglobenemia. Deconditioning (lack of activity) may be a symptom of low oxygen and not a cause. Outside versus inside air have the same oxygen content. I would advise you see an md to do a workup for anemia, oxygen levels, and vascular disease. Read more...