I have pain in my ankle by my Achilles tendon and a little lower there is swelling on the inside of my foot what would it be?

Tendinosis. The pain is likely at the insertion of the achilles tendon and represents inflammation, and even possible partial tear of the fibers and the lump represents active repair. If the lump is pain free, no worries. If it is painful then you need to see your orthopaedic surgeon for evaluation and management.
Achilles. This could be achilles tendinosis that may include a 'pump bump' or bony formation into the achilles tendon, called an enthesophyte. A specialist can take xrays to determine the extent of any bony involvement in the tendon.
Haglund's deformity. Haglunds defoirmty extra bone bump by achilles can be removed.

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I have pain on the outside of my foot. Dr said it was Achilles' tendon heel spur. How can this be if the swelling and pain are on the side?

GOOD POINT. That's a good point. A retrocalcaneal spur should hurt directly behind the heel bone. Talk to your doctor again; make sure he/she knows exactly where the pain is located, and ask them this same question. Read more...

I sprained my ankle 2 mos. Ago and there is still slight pain a little swelling in the Achilles Tendon. Any guesses how much longer it'll take to heal?

Not healed... As ankle sprains can come in varying degrees of severity, from very mild to very extreme, it is hard to tell just how long it will take you ankle to totally heel. More concerning, is that you are having some issues with your Achilles tendon. Your tendon may be showing signs of an early tendinitis, due to the change in tendon function. This change could be secondary to the unresolved ankle injury. Read more...