Why does the cardiovascular system need the nervous system?

To adapt. to changing physiological demands. As an example heart rate goes up in response to fright or fight.
Like other systems. All body systems are controlled by the part of brain called autonomic system, which helps to regulate the changing bodily needs.

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How does the cardiovascular system interact with the nervous system?

Autonomous System. Vía the Autonomous nervous system. Parasympathetic and sympathetic Pathways. There are a couple of receptors the primarily regulate cardiovascular system and they are the adrenergic receptors. Beta 1 and 2 and alpha 1 and 2. . Read more...

How does the nervous system connect to the cardiovascular system?

NS to CS. The heart and cardiovascular system receive parasympathetic and sympathetic innervation. The parasympathetics are craniosacral and the sympathetic nerves are in the thoracic area of the spinal column. Read more...