Cough sore throat fever bodyache cold?

Virus. Sounds like a viral upper respiratory infection. Symptoms may last 5-10 days depending on too many factors and too small of a space for this answer. Persistent temperatures, lack of improvemt in symptoms should prompt you to see a doctor please.
Possibilities... You likely have either a bacterial or viral infection. See your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Drink plenty of fluids and rest. If there is a bacterial infection, antibiotics would be prescribed. Otherwise, treatment involves symptom control.

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Possibilities Huge. A hugely common mistake is jumping to conclusions in the mistaken belief that a label (diagnoses in medicalese) will somehow result in a fix or cure. Yet this is precisely one of the commonly promoted mistakes which powerfully drive ? costs & ? quality, including within the medical disease industry. Avoid assuming what is Not in Evidence. As Soul?Mind?Brain?Body creatures, possibilities are huge. Read more...