Tongue is swollen. And have red swollen. Patches inback. Of.Tognue my throat feels somewhat sore also?

See a doctor. The red patches on the back of your tongue may be the lingual tonsils, which would be normal. The important question is why are your tongue swollen and throat sore? For the answer, you need to see a doctor and be examined. There is no way for anyone on a forum such as this to give you an answer.

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My throat is extremely swollen and sore. The back of my tongue has huge lumps and my throat is yellowish with red spots. I have no tonsils.?

Viral infection. The lumps in the back of the tongue may be circumvallate papillae which are taste buds. They may be inflamed. The red spots in the back of your throat may be infected lymph nodes. Although the most likely diagnosis is an upper respiratory tract viral infection, I would strongly recommend you see a physician for a culture and sensitivity of the yellow material in the back of the throat. Read more...