Can coffee cause anxiety?

Yes. Yes it can. Caffein can make people jittery and increase there anxiety level.
Gasoline. You are putting it in your tank! Depends how much you are drinking but caffeine can certainly trigger anxiousness.

Related Questions

How much coffee can start causing anxiety symptoms when already a bit stressed at corporate job?

For some people. Less than a cup can be just enough to increase anxiety symptoms. Think decaff.
As little as. A few ounces of a caffeinated beverage in some people. So if you have anxiety avoid caffeine.

Can drinking coffee daily cause excessive anxiety and make a person have panic attacks because feeling of death?

Caffeine effect. People have different reactions to caffeine, but it is one of the factors that can aggravate anxiety, and very high caffeine intake can cause anxiety effects.
Can make worse. I wouldn't say caffeine causes anxiety as much as I would say caffeine can make anxiety worse. Panic attacks are a symptom of extreme anxiety. Caffeine can directly increase anxiety as well as speeding up the heart, which can be, in itself, a trigger for panic attacks. If you suffer from anxiety, I would suggest you should cut down on, or completely eliminate your caffeine intake.
Anxiety. I would say coffee can ostensible aggravate anxiety. Have you looked into psychotherapy. You could get a referral to a reputable psychotherapist and discuss what anxiety and panic mean to you.