Who is eligible for breast implants?

Most people. Most people could have breast augmentation, most importantly a patient needs to understand the risks and benefits. Both the patient and the doctor need to agree that it is a reasonable treatment for them. Contraindications include, and active infection, untreated breast cancer and any health issues that make surgery too risky. A patient must be both physically and mentally mature enough also.
Breast augmentation. There are several general reasons for breast implants- either for cosmetic augmentation, or enlargement of the breast, or for a reconstructive reason, such as following breast cancer surgery. Depending on the situation, insurance may or may not cover breast implants....
Healthy adults. For cosmetic reasons healthy adults over the age of 18 are candidates for breast implants. For silicone implants one must be 22 or older. For reconstructive purposes one can be younger.
Breast Implant ? Healthy women who are looking to enhance under-developed or misshaped breasts or breasts which have decreased in volume due to pregnancy may be good candidates for breast augmentation.