How do you cure a stomach ache with folk medicine?

Seriously? It's impossible to give advice based on your limited information--what has been tried, where does it hurt, what are the accompanying symptoms? Persistent abdominal discomfort can originate from the large &/or small intestine, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, female organs, muscles or hernia of the abdominal wall, bladder, etc. Need examination & testing with a diagnosis for correct cure.

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How can I cure a stomach ache without medicine?

Time . Most will resolve with time. Depends on what type of stomach ache you have. Fiber (a medicine) will help with constipation, bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate) (a medicine) will help with acid reflux. Anything you take to feel better is a medicine. See merriam-webster: "medicine: a substance or preparation used in treating disease". Read more...