I have had geographic tongue for almost a year, is this permanent?

Yes and no. Geographic tongue is something you are born with. It comes and goes. I have seen cases where it bad in childhood and less so in adulthood, almost gone. It is nothing to worry about. Just avoid food like vinegar based salad dressings when you have an episode. Spices foods too. We are not sure what triggers flare ups but stress, hormones and allergies may play a roll.
No. Geographic tongue is a permanent condition that has no cure. Treatment is aimed at suppressing it. Limiting foods that aggravate this condition is also a good idea and will help reduce flare ups. Zinc, vitamin b & vitamin c seem to help some patients.
Yes. Geographic tongue is usually permanent -and is not considered a disease. Make sure to brush your tongue good twice a day and avoid spicy or acidic (orange juice) foods as these can cause tongue sensitivity.