Slit in the back of throat with swollen tonsils and soar throat what could it be?

Pharyngitis. sore throats are typically infectious causes. Most commonly it is due to a viral infection. common cold symptoms often accompany the sore throat. cough, runny nose, sneezing etc. bacterial causes like strep usually lack cough, hoarseness, nasal running or congestion. time is the best management. for symptoms relief, lozengers, salt water gargles, NSAIDS sparingly can help.

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Left side One swollen tonsils and jaw pain with no fever no soar throat nothing else with 412 eosiphinol

Enlarged tonsil. This may be tendonitis despite lack of sore throat. The jaw pain may be referred from tonsillar inflammation. Evaluation by your physician, oral surgeon or an otolaryngologist is advised. Testing would include a throat culture to check for strep and also a monotest and cbc. Your eosinophil count of 412 is nonspecific. Read more...

Are oranges the culprit of my swollen tonsils and sore throat?

Highly unlikely. Unless you are allergic to them, oranges are not the source of your illness. Get a doctor to look at your throat and decide if you need treatment for strep throat. Read more...