Have breathlessness on exertion on activity doctor thinks its due to my silent reflux have problems with erection any alternative to viagara afraid of?

2 problems. If reflux is responsible then a trial of anti reflux strategies should help.Absent reversible endocrine ,mechanical,nutritional psychiatric etc causes there are sevral agents in the same class as Viagra (sildenafil) that work,beware tachyphylaxis!

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Worrying to take viagara as I have read it could be fatal I got breathlessness on exertion due to acid reflux plz help?

Way too little info. ...and you really haven't asked a question. If you read something on the Internet that worries you about a medicine you're taking, it's best to ask your doctor in person. Nearly every concern my patients bring to me after reading the Internet can be explained as completely irrelevant to their particular situation. Use the Internet to get the questions to ask your doctor, not the answers. . Read more...