Hello my self shikha, my age is 24, my skin tone is average even I face so many acne and pimple problem even I want to make my skin fairer so any cream?

Acne vulgaris. Your age and the problems you describe sound like typical acne that afflicts many people your age. I'm not sure what's available in you local pharmacy, but daily use of benzoyl peroxide 5%-10% cream or lotion along with daily face washing with a mild soap would be a good start. You won't get results overnight but you should notice improvement in a few weeks.

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I have used tretin 0.05% for my mild acne. To improve my skin tone, kojic skin lightening cream is used. But I have experienced mild bumps on my face.

In my experience. a product like the kojic acid lightening cream would be more likely to be impacting or causing the facial bumps than the Retin-A/retinoid product. It does cause skin irritation in certain individuals. I would stop the lightening cream and see what happens. It might take 2-4 weeks to see any affect. If bumps persist, see your prescribing Dermatologist. Good wishes:) Read more...