Had cold. Last two days heart has been fluttering. Feels like phone in vibrate but it's my chest. Can see the beating above left breast towards sternu?

See a cardiologist. What you are describing doesn't sound like cold. It is important to rule out heart disease.
Merits an evaluation. Palpitations usually result from a rapid or irregular heartbeat. If it persists more than a few seconds or if it recurs, it merits a visit to ones doctor for an exam and, if deemed appropriate by ones doctor, an EKG for the purpose of characterizing ones heart rhythm. Then, the doctor may choose to send blood for additional tests, especially a thyroid function test, if an arrhythmia is noted.
Palpitations. Sounds like you have some unexpected heart beats. This is usually benign in someone your age but would be worthwhile to see your doc for an exam and EKG to exclude more serious rhythm disturbances such as atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia. These could be precipitated by electrolyte disturbances, alcohol use or thyroid disease.

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