I've been having shortness of breath w/ hot flashes on and off for about a year now. Heart and lungs checked are all normal. Just menopausal?

Yes. it could be hormonal....Check about hormonal replacement and/or medications which can help with these symptoms! Good Luck Hope this Helps! Dr Z.
Shortness of. Breathe is not a symptom of menopause.Mental evaluation for anxiety with menopausal symptoms Ifor lungs and heart are okay.
Menopause. Sherlock Holmes the great detective said paraphrasing " when you have ruled everything else out, that which remains is the cause." So in your case I believe you have hit the nail on the head.

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Heart rate got up to 108 while standing w/ shortness of breath, hot flashes, fatigue. Now sitting and it's at 90 still with same symptoms?

Cardiologist. A cardiologist is best qualified to evaluate your accelerated heart rate. Postural orthostatic reflexive racing of the heart rate is possible, but a resting sitting heart rate of 90 is still abnormally fast. Testing for hyperthyroidism will be done. If no organic problems are found, you could be having anxiety and stress related symptoms in which case, stress management therapy may be recommended. Read more...